Show us your project

What do we do:
Liebenzell AG as a research and innovation based company supports actively innovative projects within the scope of its activity: crop, animal, public health, industrial additives and similar.

Why do we do it:
Liebenzell AG is always looking for new ideas and projects, so YOUR idea, can be our next successful project.

How to do it:
Liebenzell AG can help you in several ways:

  • Offering mentoring and management, studying your idea, and giving you an “outside the box” vision
  • Financing your idea – good ideas need economic resources to develop, we can help you in the process
  • Distributing your idea through our commercial network – we sell all around the world, if your idea can be included amongst our products, you can reach different markets in many countries

How to participate:
Contact us at and send us a few lines about your idea or your project, and give us your contact details.