Liebenzell AG

Liebenzell AG is a Swiss family owned company based on innovation and research in the areas of Crop Science, Animal & Public Health and Fine Chemicals. Our success is due to the entrepreneurial spirit, reliability and special dedication of our team. As a family company we create value through close relations with employees, customers and suppliers. As a global company we draw our strength from the diversity in ideas and culture that we have in our Group. We believe that it spurs innovation and growth. We care about our worldwide customers. Our staff located all over the world takes care of their various needs.
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Liebenzellag is always committed to helping society to promote a stable, sustainable and renewable future

CEO Liebenzellag
CEO Liebenzellag

Business lines

Zell Chemie International is a branch of the company dedicated to the sale and distribution of agro-chemicals internationally

Zell Wax is another branch of Liebenzellag dedicated to the production of high quality waxes for distribution throughout Europe.